Friday, March 25, 2011


today was a breathe of fresh air

and a day of good timing
went to class, I realized I enjoy college. after, I caught the bus at the perfect time, drove home and made it within in the perfect timing to get to my job and to the bank before it closed. then I went to my other job to switch around my schedule and once I want done with that brianna was finished with whatever she was doing and we hung out

tonight was really awesome

I love my friends, soo much. they really are my sisters and I really have a passion for fruits and vegetables, sociology, photography, and human beings :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011


went to work, which was interesting. This lady came in, who didn't speak english and struggled to ask questions, at first and just as my [cooler] manager realized that she didn't speak english, she started conversing in spanish. the lady was SO excited to beable to have a full conversation about what she wanted to know. it was awesome to see this happen, and I realized that I appriciate language. I wish I took spanish class more seriously in highschool. OH well, I had a really great time in spanish, reguardless.

went to my other job to try and change my avialability and pick up my check. I was 17 minutes early, before the time I could actually recieve my check and they wouldn't let me get it. So lame -_- I'll go tomorrow

then went to my first of nine "sustainable crews" meetings, which is a voluntary (but for extra credit) program for SMC students. We learn about and get involved with the enviornment and it's supposed to me a self-experience about getting in touch with about about your carbon footprint.

after, I had a really healthy meal before sociology class, which wasn't that interesting today


I'm sitting in the SMC library, early for class and I realized that lately I have been so bad at keeping up on these blog posts. So when I come back to write on them, I forget about the day and each significance it has. If you ever wonder why I write these, it's because I want to remember my days because I always really like them. It's my journal, but I keep it in a blog because of the ridiculous amound of photos I've been taking. Which reminds me that I miss taking pictures, and I want to start doing more photoshoots. A good idea though, not like anything I have done before...I guess that is why I haven't taken any photos lately.

Today I went to school, and it was less than average I suppose. I'll tell you the way I was feeling I come into my english class and the two girls I sit with (both about my is exchange student from sweden and the other is a girl from malibu high) and they have been becoming really good friends lately and hanging out on the weekends so now they are a little closer then I am with them. They are still the sweetest girls and realy geniune people but I realized that is just how it goes and I can't really relate on the close-ness level. It doesn't bother me, just something I noticed.
Geography class, I'm slowly starting to become friends with the girl that sits across from me, she has a really unique look that I find really pretty but most people probably wouldn't. She talks loud, and sometimes our conversation is dull but I still like her.
Psychology class, ugh, I don't like it very much. Two rows over, in the front sits a guy with flames going up his arm, tattoo'd, I really don't like it but that is not why I don't enjoy the class haha. All my psychology teacher does is talk about sex, with intelligence but still. I really annoying, but I picked the wrong teacher I guess. I only know that this is sucky course, because I had a really great psychology class in highchool. And everyone really keeps to them selves in this class, which I don't enjoy. I guess there is no one I'm really interested in being friend with, either so it's okay.

After I went to Jennas. I always laugh when I'm with her, I enjoy that.

Monday, March 21, 2011


tv is too dumb for me, I would rather be listening to good music

I don't care if i'm not going to be "rich" when I grow up. I want a career that I'm passionate about. and that would be the sociology field, or some kind of interesting photography. I know this because I realized how grateful I am that my teachers give me interesting things to write on...and every class I have corresponds with my major. It makes me love college, and I know God will take care of me.

The essay I have to write on for my english class is about immigration. Soo interesting to me, my english teacher is awesome.

I hate that there is so many different forms of sugar...just give me the real one because it's natural and your fake sugar isn't making me any healthier

"dear rain..." facebook status' make me laugh because nature is going to do what it wants whether you post your status about it or not

I don't enjoy when people brag about their success everyday
I stayed home the entirety of the day


it rained, it poured

this is what we did today, mostly

today is the first day of spring, and ironically my favorite song at the moment is called first days of spring

Saturday, March 19, 2011


i feel that i'm becoming a adult

worked, I had a really fun shift at skateland. it's growing on me.

got off at 1am, hung out with brianna after work

today was a day of self motivation


today was a new experience, a different one. a innocent one.

it was so, so awesome.

I love the times I can get out, with a new soul and experience and adventure the earth. just getting to know someone, and them getting to know me. I feel I do it, but never significantly. Only sometimes.

I liked today, and it was st. patricks days. Usually I never like this holiday because I feel we have to wear green or we get pinched. I never understood, so I was bitter towards it haha...but this year every thing was so peaceful and accurate. March 17 2011 is not the normal leprechaun day, I usually experience

Then later, I went to a party with my girl friends and experienced the coolest little indie-moustache DJ. One of his mixes that really stood out to me was some rap song to one of The XX's background tunes. It was crazy

I feel really happy about this day

Thursday, March 17, 2011


venice with brianna

right now I feel like there is something in this world that is meant for me, and I believe it. It's gone though, it's out of my sight, and out of my reach...sort of. Although, as time goes on, my hopes diminish.

for now...and always, I will trust in God

for I am hoping that one day you may come back, there is hope in every new seed and every flower that grows upon this earth.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


woke up, got some gas, drove to school
new borne toxic event sounds like the bright eyes
big blue bus drivers and Santa Monica and their own gestures when they pass each other

it's 10:37, my class doesn't start till 11:25, I'm sitting around the grass area on a BIG cement block, 5 times the size of me, and I sat next to a class that is outside talking about something. I sat next to them to see if it was interesting, it wasn't

when I look to the shape of the sky, I give thanks for this hollow chest of mine

after class, the bus route was closed so I had to figure out another way to get back to my car at the other campus. very coincidentally I saw a lady, who is a mother as well, from my math class last semester! she needed to go to the same place as I did, so we stuck together. it took about an hour. I really liked her though, she is a Christian too and that was a lot of our conversation. God keeps putting these awesome people in my life.

after I went to the farmers market and got a turkey, mushroom, carrot, raisin sand which, with some other stuff. so good! I sat in unurban cafe studying.

it hit 7pm, and I had tickets to Noah and the Whale concert at the troubadour! Bekka met me there.

It was honestly the most amazing show, they are SOOO good live. The energy they have MAKES you wanna dance. Their words are so powerful, and true, it makes you smile. The songs are catchy, but amazing, it makes you sing along. At the end, the entire crowd was screaming "encore encore" so they came out for 3 more songs. I loved every minute of it. Their musicianship is inredible. I feel since they are from the UK, they have more background in other intruments and take a "classier" approach to rock music. It was so amazing. I'm buying all there CDs. OHH and they had accents, so attractive.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


today was more then satisfying; the feel, the taste, the day. cleverly planned meals, strawberry sign restrictions, mexican markets, etc

Monday, March 14, 2011


after I got off work, I realized all my friends were still in work and I decided to go for a two hour bike ride around town. it was so relaxing and today being daylight savings...couldn't have gotten better!

later brianna and I had a really cool night
it was winded, we were winded ;) (more coming)


megans back yard is getting pretty out of control
intellectual conversation; english, essays
the end of the night was pretty cute


went hiking with Nick, had a really good time. it's kind of weird that I met him in the summer and he was the guy from the skate counter I started talking to and now he is my friend and we hung out....AND now I'm the girl from the skate counter

came home, rushed to get ready for work at rosies from 4-8 then skateland from 830-1am, then went out to dennys and ordered way-too-fried "pancake puppies" haha that were supposed to be blueberry but they just tasted like deep fried batter. ehhhhh


watched brianna clean her house
hung out with gigi
did some other stuff

thursday nights and sunday nights are my weekends now, since I work all friday and saturday night


funny and clumsy day at work. parker made a joke that I peed my pants when he scared me...then I spilled lemonade all over my jeans.

stress that got taken care of, and a little bit of worries
had a study session with Celeste
then sociology test, which I think I did well on

God is on my heart every single day, I have never believed in anything more.


beautiful day; school, sun, breeze, peaceful drive home blasting out tegan & sara

days like these, I have many thoughts

I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye

I felt you in my life
Before I ever thought to

Monday, March 7, 2011


no work, no school. this is foreign.

woke up from Briannas around noon, went home and washed my bed sheets, cleaned my room, worked out, took a shower, cleaned out my car, relaxed did my homework and got a good night sleep.

today was so relaxing.


I worked a lot today as well, but then after work I met up with Spencer and Brianna and had a really chill and great night. It was such a relaxed and sincere ending to a hectic working weekend

listening to paramore all night, banana asian candy, driving next to each otha laughing and making odd gestures

I realized that whenever I set my alarm, I always set it to a random time


work. work. work. work.
work. work. work. work.
work. work. work. work

12 hours today.


soaked up the sun, after it has been raining all week with Brianna at the park

Skateland is now open till midnight on friday nights, which means I don't get off till 1am, good thing most people I work with are cool...and sometimes I look forward to seeing one or two of them ;)


hung out with Brianna, Spencer, Cole, Chris and TC listening to Thrice all night long

"if there's one thing I know in this life, we are beggars all"

powerlines, cold winds, shopping carts, random guys with shopping carts, photos with film that possibly might not turn out


I haven't updated in so long

the only thing I remember from today is walking down pico trying to find places to exchange dollars for quarters for the meter with spencer and going to sociology class



"first things first...monkey legs come undone
second things second...monkey arm goes over monkey ear
third things fourth...monkey arm does a Y"


received this in the mail today, from my uncle. it's a antique map of Europe in 1894 from a bookstore in Eureka, California

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


after work, Nick and I (my co worker) went and hung out at taco bell for a little bit when he had this break and I was off. I met him in the summer when I worked at for a summer camp, and we went to Skateland on a field trip. He was passing out skates to the campers and I had to check all their shoe sizes, so I just started talking to him and got to know him a little.

Then I forgot about him until I just recently started working at skateland. Now were friends, and I'm starting to get to know him even's crazy how things work out!

I bet if I never met him in the summer, we wouldn't be that good of work friends now.


eyes lit, violet. intellectual conversations, anthropology style

tonight was a really fun night


hung out with brianna in the the day, did a few things and then headed to Skateland for my night shift. I got there, and tried to shut off my car but it wouldn't! My key wouldn't come out of the ignition, I tried for a good ten minutes so I had to have my car get towed and I was late for work. Good thing they were understanding. Worked till midnight, then after work Brianna and I went over to Devins where we saw some of out highschool friends, I missed them!

I guess we came a little late, and some of them had already left

Hillarious seeing them all a little friskay