Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm going through a really weird and big stage in my life, I can feel it. Every thing is changing, so fast. Day by day, event by event. I'm feeling a lot of different emotions. Somethings are crashing down on me, and some things are building up.

Today I spent a lot of time talking with bri
Tonight I went to church with Evan. It was at the Mayan in LA, coolest church ever. Last time hanging with him before he leaves for Colorado temporarilly, so far. The service was great, it was exactly what I needed to hear. here's a photo of it:

"you climb it up, you cut it down"


I'm glad I wasn't with anyone besides Brianna at the arclights.
disspointment; broken players at Amoeba
colours- group love

losing phone, cafe, fiding phone
garage, cigar cafe
we used to vacation
realizing we as humans enter many situations we arn't comfortable in and saturday is just a drunk charade on main street. open people, way too city, careless atmosphere. no appriciation .

crisp smoke, cafe finally
bri, french toast. me, vanilla coffee, not so strong but a wanting taste
heat rises

safe & sound

Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was a beautiful and raw afternoon

Every half hour we went to a different location, touching on every sense, experiencing something totally new

We have all the same strengths, and all the same weaknesses

I appreciate his friendship

I learned about some of his "mosts", he made me a little more in touch with my soul

I just wish I remembered every conversation



honestly, I forgot what I did today? I have been behind on these blogs....well, something I've learned recently is to take everything exactly for how it is.

it's brought me a lot of peace


So Bri & I got to hollywood around 5oclock when a FREE Cold War Kids show started at 6, turning left on Vine we saw this big line;

By the time we parked and got to the line they started filing people in the store IN BETWEEN the music shelves, which honestly was mind blowing and I loved we didn't wait in line, completely because of perfect timing. We had such a crappy view tho, but a minute of standing there a guy came to our row and casually said "this row....follow me". So we did. We shuffled our row to the very front on the right so we had a straight shot view of them. At the end, I picked up the last CD.

I'm not one for perfect timing, but tonight said other wise. I loved every single thing about tonight...I'm still amazed by it

pictures to be developed****

Later went to Pizza Fushion with Bekka & Brianna. Cool waiters, cool stories.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011


you don't want to know what I did tonight


last night didn't end, it became a all nighter. Christine & I decided after everyone else left that we were going to the beach at 330, said hi to Joey on the way. Stay for the sunrise the came home and crashed.

made breakfast & lunch. I don't know why I made that ugly face.

then came the highly anticipated WICKER SHOW! in hollywood. I love them, and my friends, so much!

Friday, January 21, 2011


"be free and never give up it up, share your passion with others but listen more then you talk"

went to the DMV with Brianna and saw the guy from CVS who develops my film. ironic.

then went to the park

strange night with my girls: kick back, first bar experience, me&megs longest pee on mulloland, experience in n out at 2am


photoshoot with Ines

then after work, I got to see my lady Bekka Gunther after THREE MONTHS! talked about the past, related to the present, dreamt of the future. Treated ourselves at Aroma Cafe in hollywood where we wrote down all our thoughts on a napkin...I'm going to have to find that and scan/upload it o my blog!

friendship, soul-ship

Thursday, January 20, 2011


>Bri got her hair done today, and I came with.
>I met and had a photoshoot with Melissa Gordon today, she is adorable.
>I went to my first day of work at Rosies which is this barbeque place in Northrige and had so much fun. I needed a job in the public, I love it so so much and my co worker, Alex was really welcoming and fun to be around.
>Later Bri, Meg and I went to our friends apartment in north hollywood while he recorded new music and we listened to other tunes. he's style in rap is so different, which I love because I don't like just any rap. When I watch him work, his passion is like the passion I have for pictures so we can understand each other in that aspect. It's cool and we hang out with them a lot so I probably will end up taking pictures of him one of these days.

>I brought my film camera tonight, but it ran out of film. Lovely.

>first are some weird photos I took on my phone tonight, then the other is the shoot I did today