Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I pulled out my old Avril Lavigne CDs and listened to them on the way to school with the volume all the way up and the windows down. I loved it, I felt all the songs were super relatable to my life. Sometimes I am a sucker for all that pop-ish music just because it's super catchy.

I've discovered that I am a super out going person when it comes to meeting new people. I just talk to everyone, and it's always super comfortable and never awkward. I just can not stand being reserved and to myself. I think about it as everyone is in the same boat as me. Everytime I end a conversation with someone they are always telling me how happy they are I talked to them and if it wasn't for me they wouldn't have made a friend that day. &&& actually one girl came up to me, which was incredibly cool because I am re-reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan (which is a christian book) and she said that she saw me from a distance with that book and she had read it before and came over to talk to me and to find out if I was a christian...I love that! She invited me to this Christian Club thing tuesdays and thursday. Heck, made me day.

Sat in the most unbearable traffic, I hated it.

Came home to try and mess with my schedule a bit and screwed up...gotta fix that tomorrow hopefully.

Tomorrow will be home LONG and hectic day but today was actually really nice.

Monday, August 30, 2010


First day of college with photography as my first and only class of the day, didn't grasp much of it the whole college experience...I'm hoping that will come tomorrow! It was interesting tho, I'm not used to seeing people where whatever they want, smoking, and a whole variety of cultures.

I am hoping to get to know all of these people with incredible souls.

I am also hoping to learn A LOT.

later that day: was beautiful <3

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summer 2010, you have been incredibly AMAZING. I loved you soo much, you have taught me so much and you have helped me grow. You have let me face many of my fears, and you have helped me fall in love with everyone and everything. You gave me a amazing job that I loved and I will miss entirely. You have made me a deeper person and you have made my brain go crazy with all of these great thoughts. You have given me inspiration. You have pursued my passions. You have given me plenty of good laughs. You have had something planned something for me everyday, and there was never one dull moment. You have revealed feelings and emotions I have never felt before and you have let me meet the most amazing people! You have brought people into my life that are life changing and you have made all my friendships stronger.

I finally felt free & I loved it.

Really great ending to the most amazing summer of my life. Actually, the best I've ever had in my life was this summer. mmhm. College tomorrow with photography as my first class! sounds too amazing <3


Today was even more amazing. I am so thankful to be having all these great days this summer with people I care about and love.

I was invited to go to the lake with Kevin with his parents, brothers and his brothers girlfriend and friend. It was the perfect day with the perfect weather. I wakeboarded for the first time in my life AND cliff jumped for the first time as well. The rest of the time was spent tanning, relaxing, listening to great music and having amazing conversation. It was soo much fun. When we got bak to Kevins, we all cleaned the boat and then went out to dinner. The rest of the night Kevin and I just hung out. I loved it <3


Today was one of the best days.

SMC orientation was way better then I expected. Hung out with Spencer and Rachael all day- it was the best! SO funny and soo relaxing. I loved it. We roamed the school, met some foreign exchanged students, laughed really hard, hung out at Rachaels new roomate house, slept on the beach at Venice, listened to fun music, and saw Chris Brown! "hey hey look it's the guy who hit the girl!" love them!!!

Later went to Andrews going away party and had more fun. Maybe a little too much :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I need to stop getting so behind on my blogs because I do so much, every day that I forget what to write.

Anyways today I went to the beach with Brianna & Christine. It was a lot of fun, stayed there for about 4 hours...which is along time for me because I usually make it 2 hours and I get super irritable but it was nice.

Song of the day: King of anything- Sara Bareielles


Today I bought my first flash! Mainly for the wedding I am shooting next sunday! wwowww, it's crazy. I am excited, yet nervous! I hope to do a great job! Hung out with Kevin after then went to my friend Dereks going away dinner and Christine slept over.


Hung out with Kevin :)

Later I came home and painted. A week ago Bekka & I hung out at the park and I was telling her about the new & exciting people in my life...she got really inspired and wrote a poem on what I was describing which is super cool...so I fed off of her inspiration which in the beginning was my inspiration she was feeding off of ....does that make any sense? and I created this piece of art. I am not sure I am finish tho

here is the poem:

You looked at me
and I saw a tree
growing out of your open shirt
from the middle of your heart;
pulsing with every breath you took,
the tree's branches shook.

You bent to kiss me
and I saw a river flowing out of your soul
and pouring into my empty, dry hole;
splashing as it filled up my desert,
making an oasis of my heart.

You were talking to me
and I saw lightning
stretch from your cerebral cortex to my medulla.
Crackling, static, electric.
My brain is in love with your
bold, beautiful, free brain.

Brain love
is the best love.


the best times are always spent with Bekka Gunther, I love her so much...as a friend and soul sister. Today we went on a amazing and HOT hike, but the conversation was so deep that I didn't even realize we were baking in the sun for a hour on a hill until she said something. I love that lady, and I am rediculously sad she is going away to Europe for 3 months! The rest of the time was spent in Ikea, where we walked around with pizza & frozen yogurt, helped a few people and felt invisible...it was a crazy and inspirational day that I needed after a intense weekend mixed with tons of emotions!

Monday, August 23, 2010


sunday sunday. Hung out with Megan most of the day, helped her clean her new house which they are fixing up...then ended it by seeing Kevin which was really good :) It's cool that they're neighbors...well Megans moms house.


Went to my first oil change today all by myself, it was boring.

Went to Megans after and did a photoshoot of her & her boyfriend Alex.

Hung out with Megan, Christine, Hunter and Christian for a while then later that night Kevin & Alex came over. Interesting night hah.


Today I met Charles, Charles is a big black man with a BMW that we wanted to wash so it looked nice as he traveled to Vegas for the weekend. Charles is a really nice man as well, he came into the car wash as I was sitting down watching my car move on the washing machine thing- which I am always really intrigued by...well he just came in and sat down right near me and started a conversation. It was a really good conversation about lie, jobs, traveling, school and relationships. Charles made my day and gave me a different outlook on life on how you really should love everyone- I want to be like him. I was to sit next to people who are alone, you can really learn SO much from people.

As Bekka would say, it makes you step out of your comfort zone and it is good practise for the future & almost most of the time a good experience comes from it.

After that I met up with Kevin for coffee before I had to go to work. Today was also my last day of my summer camp job, which I am really sad by...I LOVED this summer job- best summer camp I was ever at. I hope I get the opportunity to go back.

After work I went to a party with my girls, soo much fun <3

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hung out with Kevin in the morning, I always love doing that.

hung out with Bekka later and discovered the meaning of "brain love". I love her way too much.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010


today has SO many surprises to it. I saw chandler at church, jackie working at soup plantation and this guy colton from the pool on wednesdays...he was the most surprising person to see. so I was hanging out with Kevin and Kevins mom and colton come in the door and Colton looks at me with HUGE eyes says "what the heck....it's YOU" and I'm like what? and he's like you're the girl from the summer camp...and i'm like yes I work at a summer camp and it points to his shorts which say "lifeguard" on them and I'm like wow you're the lifeguard I see almost every wednesday! SOOO crazy, I guess him and kevin have been friends since 2nd grade.

really interesting day, with all that happened. I really enjoyed it tho :)


watched curious george :) then went to camerons going away party!!! :( I love him so much!


today was one of the best days.
went on a hike in burbank, which is one of the best views E V E R. there's a bench at the top of the hill, which is cool because we sat there till the sun went down which was so gorgeous! after we just hangout all night and brought up how friday the 13th is just a big joke and then literally 10 minutes after that conversation his car died and we had to call his friend to jump it. crazyyyyy.

I wish I had my actual camera instead of my phone, oh well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


hung out with jenna and skyeler. thought about the universe, thought about growing up and how we'll never stop growing up, thought about people changing, thought about the past, thought about happiness and love.

I have been thinking a lot lately, more and more each day. I really love them.


hung out with Brianna & Megan


tuesday, I went to work. This week I am a computer teacher, which pays really well because it's a teacher salary :) only for one week tho, but who cares! Can't wait to get my pay check, I'm definitely going to go shopppppping :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


today was my friend Kevins actual birthday. I decorated his car which he was really surprised by:

I also went to work from 8am-4pm then went back to Kevins house for dinner and just to hang out! really fun night


I have been so wrapped up in everything going on I forget about my blog...or forget he meaningful things I want to write in here. although, sundays: you have been treating me well lately.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


hung out with Kevin all day, and then his friends and family later for his 19th birthday :))))))))))))))

Saturday, August 7, 2010


"close your eyes, open your heart"


today was one of the best days ever. went to Knotts on a field trip, and I F I N A L L Y got over my fear of roller coasters, I went all every single ride there which is such a big step. if you knew me, you would know how deathly afraid I am. I feel so accomplished wow.

went to Megans after and had such a funnnnnnnnnnnn night with Megan Kevin and Alex!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


pool day. sun screen. kids. I'm tired.


great morning :) good afternoon, and really really really fun night. went to a party with Brianna, probably coolest experience ever...made new friends!