Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 28th 2013

went for a nice run
went to dinner with my family
went to Hemingways & No Vacancy with Bekka!

lil sis





later that night Brianna and I drove 2.5 hours north to a city called Visailia to see the Gospel Whiskey Runners! it was awesome!


September 25 2013

met up with my friend Wendy to make my website:

and then I did a photoshoot

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sleep is painful pt.2

just reading up on sudan:

September 24 2013

 woke up
played with jayden before school
i plan my schedule around that baby
went back to sleep 8am
woke up 9 am
woke up 10 am
it's so hard for me to get myself up
even with things to look forward too
...this has never happened
the night before I stayed up making cards and crafts
I never like going to sleep
the act of putting myself in that state of mind interesting
my dreams have been cool tho
so i guess it's kind of worth it

today I made a little oatmeal
definitely didn't dig the almonds
got ready and all that
drove to the metro to meet Brianna
went to Little Tokyo via Red and Gold Line
had a tea party lunch
had a japanese ice cream sandwich (everyone should try these)
walked into downtown LA
wandered many places
got back on the metro
went to a pizza cafe
had the thinniest & best pizza ever
it was like a pizza chip, it was so thin
talked and walked and laughed
it's nice to have a real and true golden friend

<----I didn't need that
but it was very worth it

had Virginia May by Gregory Alan Isakov in my head all morning and the whole Bastille album in my head by afternoon

1.5 days till 21


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


every night, I can not wait until morning

September 23 2013

Virginia May- Gregory Alan Isakov
False Knight On The Road- fleet foxes 
Static Maves- Andrew Belle
Messages- Xavier Rudd
Hymn #35- Joe Pugg 
Trace Bundy= Bristolecome 
Hands On A Grain Of Sand- Amelia Curran 
Library Diaries; 
you never know 
what someone is going through
you never will understand
how you make another one feel
you never know 
how important you are to someone
until you ask...
...or they're gone 
and you ask their friends 
or read their diaries
forces, greets, feels, talks,
reads, walks, bakes
 and all else 

{Jenna baked, I watched}

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22 2013


grace over guilt
trust over try

 "Happiness only real when shared"

"joy is best when shared"
has been told to me within the past two days

September 21 2013


Friday, September 20, 2013

September 19 2013

trailmix addiction
gingerbread latte
walking a lot
cold war kids

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

part two

September 16th 2013

Woke up sweaty from the heat, got up, got ready and headed to breakfast and started out day in Old Town San Diego which was AWESOME! so many cool shops, museums, and sites to see. Napped in the park and explored this bridge which took us right into the city where we were going to see Bastille that night. Stopped for Mediterranean food and saw one of the best shows to the date!

September 15th 2013

missed some part of my life
I've been really weak in the morning
physically, figuratively
ran around, got things done
went over to annies apartment
got things done,  helped her get things done
listened to a lot of music
really enjoyed the after noon

went home and got ready for a night adventure to San Diego with Brianna! it was super fun. we hit up a coffee shop for a latte  and laughed for 2 hours south. We camped out in her car in a neighborhood similar to San Francisco and fell right to sleep

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14 2013

a "getting things done" kind of day

gifted myself this birthday card from trader joes
when I came home I realized it had a map of Oregon on it
I'm going to Oregon in November as a late-bray-celebration
I've said this exacg least everyday of my life
12 days till 21 
I'm mostly excited to be 21 to enjoy;
 -21 and over concert venues
- gifting alcohol for gifts
- scenic bars 

September 13 2013

awaken till 6 in the morn
slept till 10, dreamin'

life shoppin'
arugola salad

craftin; bottles jar magazinin' painting'
grapes and fogs 
laundry and questions
jazz and snapchatz

baking; eggless=beer&avocado 
falling apart cookies but too good

tirin' leavin' drivin' droppin' slowin'

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 12 2013

super serious good day in Pasadena with Bri

super serious good night with Annie in LA 

"it's a little reflection i share with life
the public
my profile
or or my
account is on public
it's not so much that i care about what other think

deeper issues, never wanting anybodies help
my first sentence....
"are you a sociopath"J- "possibly"A
deep in our mind[casion mind]
I never want to have a home, i wanna wander 
when you travel for so much you it's nice to have a home
more and more and more"-annie