Monday, March 21, 2011


tv is too dumb for me, I would rather be listening to good music

I don't care if i'm not going to be "rich" when I grow up. I want a career that I'm passionate about. and that would be the sociology field, or some kind of interesting photography. I know this because I realized how grateful I am that my teachers give me interesting things to write on...and every class I have corresponds with my major. It makes me love college, and I know God will take care of me.

The essay I have to write on for my english class is about immigration. Soo interesting to me, my english teacher is awesome.

I hate that there is so many different forms of sugar...just give me the real one because it's natural and your fake sugar isn't making me any healthier

"dear rain..." facebook status' make me laugh because nature is going to do what it wants whether you post your status about it or not

I don't enjoy when people brag about their success everyday
I stayed home the entirety of the day

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