Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little baybeh

today, January 31 2012 my little sister Jayden Mackenzie was born! I haven't held it her yet though, because I have been house sitting/ dog sitting/ gym working :) but tomorrow after my art history class I'll be visiting my mom for a couple hours! which means I have the house to myself! yeehaw

anyway, this is my perfect chance to start practicing new born photography!
as for me, I've been in winter school, doing some fake advertising photoshoots for school assignments, trying my best to live for God, hanging with Bri, and hitting the gym 2 hours a day 7 days a week :) and I'm going to winter camp from Friday to Sunday! no cell phones, no distractions just God and making new friends. I have been waiting for this since August.

hope you are well

Friday, January 27, 2012


did you hear that?
I am my own person
I am not
bound, tied, twined
to anything or anyone

please don't make me feel that way

because i'm free

Friday, January 20, 2012

right now

all I want is to sip on my hot chocolate, listen to Bombay Bicycle Club and edit my photoshoot that I did today.

this brings me back to 10th and 11th grade
where did the time go? when indie music wasn't called indie music, photography was never a hassel, I actually enjoyed facebook, I wished to be 19, and I would make all different kinds of tea thinking I was old and cool

days I decide to stay home, 5 people literally text me ask me what I am doing. jeez. it's the devil trying to persuade me to do something bad

anyway, here is what I did today:


I am driven nuts by everyones ridiculous posts on facebook

but one thing that REALLY drives me nuts is how cocky some people are

it's so amazing how hot you think you are
or how big your head is
or how everyone feeds into making your head that big
I want to delete you, you, you, you oh and you.
but I can't because were "friends"


another thing I hate is when I'm with someone and they say "she's not even that pretty" or "no offense but she's ugly" or "she's chubby" OR "she's really fat"

honestly, if she's ugly, and fat then I'm REALLY ugly and really fat. watch what you say, everyone is equal and beautiful and EVERYONE is fighting a battle

anyway, I tried doing that one day blog post thing like I've done in the past with my blogs...but I'm never home. ever.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan. 13. 12

I'm sitting home right now on this beautiful friday listening to a mix of switchfoot and foster the people pandora radio station. I just made myself this ice blended banana, coffee thing, it's amazing. I'm trying to be healthy, maybe I'll learn how to make a good spinach salad or something. I have some photography jobs that I'm procrastinating on.

I enjoy my solitude
everyone is a let down
who knows what today will bring, it just turned noon.

all I know if that I'm going in the hot tub tonight

Jan. 12. 12

some inspiration flowing through me
getting some jobs
wanting more, but trying to live with less
ultimately trusting the Lord
learning about the different architecture
going out, living free

two door cinema club
foster the people
miike snow
bombay bicycle club
yeah yeah yeahs

sick of all this image, yet everyone is obsessed with it

last night;
fashion little thang
251 LA
some houes on white oak
random people, random parts of life

Jan. 6/10/11. 12

skipFont size

Jan. 9. 12

there's no other day that I felt this alive

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan. 8. 12

Albatross (metaphor): a psychological burden that feels like a curse

interesting movie

layed in bed all day with Bri. being sick sucks.
school tomorrow

Jan. 7. 12


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan. 3. 12

first day of winter class
art history
christian conversations and debates
said hi to franklin
hung out with annie
beach, lagoon
drove topanga
bought a swan shirt
had some egg rolls :p

Jan. 2. 12

went for a run
went to sushi
hung out with these ladies
found a new love more mirrored buildings

Jan. 1. 12

jeffrey campbell party, idea, new year, fresh, happy, content, independent

layed on the grass, hung out with some nine year olds, drank apple cider and blew bubbles

year to be bold
face fears
explore what I have
and not focus on what I don't have
pull me, push me...for myself only