Wednesday, March 16, 2011


woke up, got some gas, drove to school
new borne toxic event sounds like the bright eyes
big blue bus drivers and Santa Monica and their own gestures when they pass each other

it's 10:37, my class doesn't start till 11:25, I'm sitting around the grass area on a BIG cement block, 5 times the size of me, and I sat next to a class that is outside talking about something. I sat next to them to see if it was interesting, it wasn't

when I look to the shape of the sky, I give thanks for this hollow chest of mine

after class, the bus route was closed so I had to figure out another way to get back to my car at the other campus. very coincidentally I saw a lady, who is a mother as well, from my math class last semester! she needed to go to the same place as I did, so we stuck together. it took about an hour. I really liked her though, she is a Christian too and that was a lot of our conversation. God keeps putting these awesome people in my life.

after I went to the farmers market and got a turkey, mushroom, carrot, raisin sand which, with some other stuff. so good! I sat in unurban cafe studying.

it hit 7pm, and I had tickets to Noah and the Whale concert at the troubadour! Bekka met me there.

It was honestly the most amazing show, they are SOOO good live. The energy they have MAKES you wanna dance. Their words are so powerful, and true, it makes you smile. The songs are catchy, but amazing, it makes you sing along. At the end, the entire crowd was screaming "encore encore" so they came out for 3 more songs. I loved every minute of it. Their musicianship is inredible. I feel since they are from the UK, they have more background in other intruments and take a "classier" approach to rock music. It was so amazing. I'm buying all there CDs. OHH and they had accents, so attractive.

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