Monday, September 27, 2010


one year ago today, at sunrise...I was at the Bon Iver concert! aka the MOST BEAUTIFUL morning of my life. I loved it! and I miss it. I wish they would go back on tour!

Anyways, I spent today by myself...which is rare and I hate doing it but today felt nice. I did all the stuff that I needed and wanted to do. I've been so busy, all these tasks have been loading up on me and I finally did them! It felt nice.


OFFICIALLY LEGAL! last night after dinner, we partied it up a I guess I can tag that onto today since it was the morning! ;)

got my nose pierced
spent the night with Kevin
then later my parents took me out for ice cream :) how cute

after math:


So today I went to school and was planning on going to dinner with my good friend Lindsay at the cheesecake factory at The Grove ...little did I know she had a whole surprise birthday dinner planned out for me with 18 of my really good friends all there! I was SHOCKED, I have never been so surprised in my life. I felt SOOOO loved. I really love my friends, they are the best.

more pictures once I receive them **


hung out with brianna in the day, kevin in the evening.

party in the night

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Brianna came to school with me today. It was fun, then later hung out with Dominic & Riyen! Watched the last song, it was soo fun =)

*video to come*

"cool minute" "terk"
"turn left on 17th street"..."NO I DONT WANNA, that is quite insulting ya know..I am going to be 18"
-walks into the bank- "hmm I know her"
AND REMEMBER, everything only happens that way because they're white!

hahah funnnnnnny day. I wish I could remember more



no sleep.

many many emails and voice mails about photography jobs and offers.

inspiration over load.

home work, essays, projects! yikes!

plans plan plans. friends friends friends.

no time for breathing .

I love every second.

today I saw Kevin <3 AND did a photoshoot! what success.


photoshoot with Annie! I'd say it was pretty successful, especially for our first time ever shooting with each other!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today wasn't how to was supposed to be planned...but it ended up being super fun and I'm happy how it went about.

Talked with Bekka for a little bit in the morning. Got some frustrated and thoughts out, put them together and felt refreshed. I don't know what I am going to do for 3 months when she is gone...

Went to moorpark with Brianna and did my homework while she was in class for a hour- it was cool. Although this girl in the library was chomping on celery so loud I couldn't stand it! I saw so many people I knew, it was cool. Explored the campus with Brianna which was actually really fun...we pretended like we were on a real adventure hahaha.


Finally the day has come! Today was so fun, I went over to Briannas house after I woke up, we chilled and shopped for new outfits before the concert. Then we took a little road trip down to Anaheim while we blasted Tegan&Sara and Paramore. When we got there, we were so pumped...laughing about everything and running down the halls and having the lady in the elevator take our picture HAHA...that didn't work out. The concert was SO fun, it was kind of a bummer because we were high up in our seats...but after the 2nd band played we sat in empty seats a got a little closer.

Tegan and Sara played and Bri and I sung to every song, it was soo fun. They are like our band, we listened to them all senior year and in the beginning of summer like seeing them was really cool.

Then Paramore came on, and it was so incredible. I was soo intrigued by everything going on, the screens in the back ,the light bulbs swinging back and forth and the way Hayley Williams dances is so cute! It makes me want to be a cute little rocker chick and dance to Paramore.

Even tho I wish we were closer, over all it was really worth it.

"ooh guy in the red shirt and cone in his pocket...HOTTIE"
*dumps change out* "hmm...interesting"

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's weird how you can go from a good day, to a bad day in a matter of going to sleep then waking up. I NEED TO BREATHE. step back, breathe and relax. I need some me time, not everyone else time. My brain is too drowned with everything, especially emotions...

This week sucked besides friday, hopefully tomorrow will justify it. PARAMORE & TEGAN AND SARA! with Brianna, I love her so much...and miss her more then anyone.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm a space bound rocket ship and your hearts the moon...and I'm aiming right at you.

I LOVED today.
it was beautiful, everything was so perfect! so much amazing and creative conversation and emotions. felt at peace with everything, I wish everyday could be this great.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. I'm always being reminded of the sequence of events in my life and how if this didn't happen, then this wouldn't of happened. it SO amazing to me. my life, and your life is just a trail of events that happen one after another.

Everything truly is meant for a reason

I love that.

I also love how small the world is and no matter where I am..I see someone I know. Half the time it's in the most ODD places of my life. Like today, I was coming home from school and I was sitting in traffic and I see this kid Daniel. Most of the people I see are people I would never hang out with ever again unless we were bound by something, like school. So it's cool, just to know they're alive and healthy you, you know?

Some people hate seeing people they know, they just walk right past. I am definitely not one of the those people.

I am IN LOVE with people and society, so much. People inspire me. I feel that I have something to gain from everyone, why pass up a amazing opportunity of saying hi or to spark up a conversation and possibly learning something from it?

I love learning.

I love a lot of things.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


hung out with Jenna, Skyeler, Kevin, Megan, Brianna and Christian. I love being able to see multiple people I love and care about all in one day.

had a dead phone half the day, it was pretty nice. took a ridiculous math test and came home I am going to get some real sleep, I am not even fully healthy from being sick =(


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


it scares me how much I relate myself to 500 days of summer

most FRUSTRATING day of driving but spent the night with jenna & sky which definitely made it better


Met up with Kevin for lunch on his break between two of his classes.

came home, watched half of the VMAs and was SO impressed with Eminems "not afraid" and "love the way you lie" . btw, it's soooo much better on the TV because you can hear all the drums and what not. I love him :)

I've learned all the raps lyrics to both of these songs, it's what I do while I sit in traffic HA.

Monday, September 13, 2010


stayed home sick, all day. got absolutely nothing done except I took some pictures and listened to Bon Iver.

I enjoyed myself actually.

I felt inspired.

Lately, my photography career is taking a turn. Yes, I love photography but I feel such more of a deeper person then to work with a camera for the rest of my life. Or a material item perhaps. I feel like with this photography class I am taking in college right now, it's waisting my time. I am not learning anything nor am I enjoying anything in that class- well besides my friends in that class ;) I also feel this photography world is full of self-righteous people and people that are constantly trying to be better then one another. I feel it's making me become more shallow and materialized with trying to say up to what it requires from you. I am not down for that. People have always told me I am going to make it big in the photography world, and sometimes I believe them but if that's how my life is going to go- I want it to find me...I don't want to struggle to become the best photographer. Time will tell, if I keep getting hired for jobs and what not. anyways, lately I am been so much in love with people and the world. Including human habits, what makes society what it is, etc. I want my ulitimate career to be something that changes people, where I make a difference in peoples lives. I want to deepen myself more and more.

I almost feel that people around me are more scared for me to find something else that I LOVE than I am.

I just want to experience life on my own, with no body telling me what I NEED to be doing.


went to class, sick. It sucked but I have really cool people in my classes on Saturday so that's nice. Drove back home and when I got off the freeway, I had a flash back through certain smells. I was sitting on the off ramp and I got his big wiff something and it brought me back to summer camps in elementary school when we would have pool time and water wars. I LOVED elementary school, so it definitely was a good flash back.

Later saw Going The Distance with Christine and then got ice cream cake. mm :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


last night was a m a z i n gly fun. wow.

today I spent the day with Kevin mostly, and a little bit of Megan & Alex.



I like you, you're pretty fun but I don't really like you around 5 pm when I have to drive back home in around a hour of traffic. It sucks.

but why does it suck? all traffic is, is spending time with people around you. barely moving. staying completely to yourself. listening to music. BY YOURSELF.

that's why it sucks, it's because you're stuck all by yourself. no one is meant to be by themselves.

imagine if traffic was like a gathering, you're pretty much around everyone who probably is on a schedule who gets off work or school at the same time and when you're sitting in traffic those people probably do that everyday too. but, you never see the same person again, or at least I haven't.

I wish I could meet these people who surround me every tuesday and thursday. I will, someday when I'm in completely stopped traffic- I will talk to someone. it will be such a cool experience.


hung out with Jenna, then hung out with Brianna & Megan.

Went to math class, where I finished EIGHT LESSONS of math home from 7pm-845. It was intense, I have never felt so accomplished. It came so e a s y to me which made me so happy. <3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Bon Iver, I can't get over you. I have never listened to a band like you. Your music, lyrics, and over all vibe is amazing. I find you to be so honest and beautiful.

I am so intrugied by them. I don't know where Justin Vernon came up with these genius and beautiful lyrics...but he did and they are amazing. Every interview I read with Justin Vernon I just fall in love. What he has to say is so interesting. He puts such a weird twist to his answers.

I am in love with them.

As of right now, I am sitting the in the SMC library studying dreams while listening to RE:stacks- Bon Iver. His music puts me into a trance. I always am so curious WHY he puts these lyrics together so well.

" The chorus is very repetitive, but there are different lyrics every line. It's just a billion ways to say that things build up and it's impossible to break them down sometimes. You're just underneath it all. " -JV

Ever since this day (in the video) I constantly find myself always researching him, and his songs. I have never been so curious about anything or anyone before. Finding out all sorts of things. This was defnitely the most beautiful day...and so different. I feel it changed me in a more deap and creative way.


really fun day spent with Jackie and a little bit of Kevin before he had work...then Jackie and I visited him at work and he spent his break with us.

Anyways, I love times spent with Jackie...they are always so funnnnnn. today had so many exciting parts to it.

one of my genius photo ideas, AHAHAH, just thought it was funny and clever but dumb at the same time. you know? mm good times ;)


my first wedding :)


switched my photography classes today, which could not have been any more perfect. it cuts the days and hours I would have to be at school, I love it so much better. I met a really cool girl named star who lives in the valley as well and we know all the same people.

did some errands then went lindsays 18th birthday dinner :)

went to a little kickback, and saw my new friend Star at it! which was one of the most trippy things because I just met her 12 hours before and there was only around 15 people there! the valley is so small. all in all- this night was really cool.

Monday, September 6, 2010


magic mountain? too easy :p roller coasters are no big thing at all, not even that huge of a thrill for me either, I am clueless to why I was so scared for 17 1/2 years...and I mean TERRIFIED. It was my greatest fear.

really great day spent with Kevin

I feel he brings out a more invincible side to me, well I just do a lot of stuff I would have never done with just anyone and I feel completely comfortable and safe doing it.

It's pretty interesting and he's a pretty interesting.

I like it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


What a nice day.
Started off with me making it to school in 22 minutes, I found a parking spot right away, I hung out with Katie before class, went to Counseling class- which I love! then hung out with Nicole between our classes, went to English, after class I hung out with Brianna and we did a little shopping!, and ended my night at Jackies house which she had a little kickback.

Magic Mountain tomorrow. I AM SO SCARED.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I feel like blogging is like homework, I am so tired and I never want to do it but I told myself I would write a blog every day for a year. Plus, I want to be able to look back and see what I did everyday! or how I felt

BOY, college is tiring! the drive, the parking, the bus-taking, the walking, the trying to find your friends in between classes, the buying of books, etc. I love it tho! I have made soo many new friends, it's ridiculous. Everyone is so nice and helpful! & EVERYONE dresses so damn cute.