Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Monday night is not for going out, Monday night is for staying home with a book or hanging out with loved ones. Interesting night tho, to say the least. It was just one of those crazy nights in hollywood that I'll beable to tell my grandkids about. If I have any.

ANYWAYS, wicker was AMAZING..as always.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Everything about today was unexpected and unplanned. sushi, trampoline, scary and creepy, adventures, flying pig, hammy, "you did already or you're going too?"


Weezer concert with Kevin, his mother and her sister-in-law! I never really listened to them much, except their single hits on the radio. I think I have a new crush for Rivers Cuomo.

He is so adorable and so energetic, Kevin got a high five from him as he passed our isle.

Friday, November 26, 2010


BLACK FRIDAY. Woke up at 330 and headed over to Melissas where we went to the Simi Mall and hung out in urban for a few hours. Rediculous sale! Extra 50% off sale items. I spent 45 dollars in URBAN OUTFITTERS on two dresses, flats, a belt, thigh high knit socks, a button up sheer white top, two pairs of earrings, a headband and hair bows. Amazed, I'm doing this every year.

I went over to Kevins later, which was 930 am. It was a nice, refreshing day.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


it's weird how you meet people throughout your life and they show you what you want in your life. they shape you, they mold you, and inspire you, they make you cry, they teach you how to be yourself. Some situations are better then others and everyone teaches you a different life lesson even when you least expect it. Some of the most self-changing experiences have been some of the worst times but I would never take them back for the world, in fact I am in love with those times now. I am in love with the people. Whether the friendship is still alive or cut short from some event or a series of events, most everyone I have been I cherish and take a little bit from them as I hope they take a bit from me.

it's that ancient love that you wont out grow
it's the fee you pay, it's the debt you owe

it's that ancient love, that just moves alone
and there's a itch so slight, even when you're gone

Today is thanksgiving, I spent it with some of my family. I had a lovely talk with my beautiful grandma, I love her. Later I went over to Megans, hung out with her little bro Christian where we ate pie, macaroni and listened to some good indie tunes.


today was coffee in the morning, and pumpkin pie in the evening

today was adventure, laughter, slight annoyance and old feelings

today a lot of that and a little bit of this

today was filled with a lot of "why nots"

today was cute and comfortable

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

326: to Bekka Gunther

I want you to know I have been reading most of your blog posts, if not all. The way I read them, is when Kevin and I hang out, he'll play piano (mostly make up his own songs) and I go on his laptop and read your posts! It's really awesome, it's puts so much more depth into what you have to say and I can almost feel, taste, touch, and see what you are experiencing! He's really great at piano, but I've already told you that =)

Anyways, I was JUST thinking about you right now and a little frustrated because I haven't talked to you in so long and I do not understand why because I have emailed you, posted comments on your blog and tried re-requesting you on facebook (by the way, how did your facebook get deleted?) but tonight I clicked on your blog and saw that you mentioned me in your post and it seriously warmed my heart so much! I also saw that you said you want In N Out, funny because I have been eating way to much lately. it's like all Kevin eats! so since you've been gone, I've probably eaten it more recently than in my entire life. next time I go there, I'll think of you :P
I love you, and what are you doing. I am thee most un-jealous person but I am envious of what you are accomplishing right now and I wish to do this one day myself. You are truely amazing!

OH YEAH, so I was one this one girls photography facebook (digital sophia) and she made a post that said "question to photographers: who has been your favorite models and why? what attributes did she have, etc" and this one girl by the name of Karan posted YOUR NAME!!! and it's amazing because I can comment back and honestly say that she is one of my best friends and I could not agree with her more!

If you are wondering how I am doing, I am doing great! School is getting old, but hey, only 3 more weeks. I've been keeping busy. Kevin and I are really really good. I'm really happy. Brianna left to Arkansas on Monday for two weeks, so now BOTH of my best friends are miles and miles away from me! I've been experimenting with night photos lately, and I love it! also, I've had 2 clients and I think I have 2 or 3 more coming within the next month! so much has happened, but I bet WAY WAY WAY more for you!

Keep going Bekka! You are such a inspiration.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Day spent with my love

Many clever thoughts today ran through my brain

I told myself I was going to write them in my blog

But, I forgot

I hate that

I really need to write them down next time

Although, today was a comforting day

Filled with many laughs and understandings


This morning was completely skipped because Brianna & I woke up around 11:30...layed around and then got ready and bought pies for one of the cutest days of my life. Thirteen of some of my closest friends from highschool got together for a thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice, got to see a few of my friends who are away to college. We got there around 4pm, cooked the food, waited for it to be finished, listened to radiohead and kid cudi, took a lot of photos put the tables chairs together, prepared the food, sat around the table and prayed...it was adorable! after we ate some pie, laughed a lot, and had one of our friends make up a funny rap.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


most relaxing morning of the year. walking around Santa Monica on my school break, thinking, feeling, breathing, experiencing

later had a little get together with some of my friends;


today was better then yesterday

today was actually hilarious

Thursday, November 18, 2010


weird day. uncomfortable night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


hung out with Kevin. tin foil, straw and napkin from chipotle :)

later I met some of my math friends to study before the hardest test of my life, who strangely have the same taste in music as I do, and my Eddie was telling me about the movie the drifter and how it has a amazing sound track which includes bon iver, the black keys, iron & win, tegan & sara, jose gonzalez, mgmt, the raconteurs the shins. I need to see it now.


Soo EVERY MORNING, unless I sleep over at a friends or it's the weekend, my mom comes in my room before she leaves for work then leaves the door a little cracked open, so my dog pushes it open and comes in my room so the door is wide open. So I get up to close it, about a hour later my dad comes in before she leaves for work and leaves my door w i d e open so I can "hear" the dogs if anything happens.

uh noooo, I'm sleeping, thank you AND I am going to close it when you leave and go back to sleep.

how annoying tho, I HATE IT I can't sleep with the freaking door open.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Random fact: my boyfriend and I are both left handed =)


Engagement shoot:

Spencers 19th birthday, I seriously love all my friends =)