Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hung out with Christine and her sister Jen all day. It seemed like we cooked all day! So went we first got to her place made breakfast which was almost a disaster but turned out pretty good. Then went to salvation army where I got a pair of new oxfords and high waisted shorts (well they were ugly jeans so I cut then into shorts) for like 6 bucks, I've never felt so lucky. I think I'm going to make a blog of all my great 2010 thrift store finds soon. SO then we came home and made rice krispies, then later made dinner. We were house wives hahah ;)

Then went to a Halloween party where I didn't take a single picture, not even on my phone! a little depressing because I really liked my outfit. I was a indian. Tonight was full of many many emotions. Happy, sad, excited, worried, loved, unloved, in love, amazing, surprised, mad, annoyed, trusted, untrusted, complete. Kind of a weird night, but in the was great :)


Today is day crazy. Which means 65 for days left! that's insane.

I spent today hiking & lunch with melissa then I got home, picked up subway and headed over to Kevins for a surprise picnic at the beach :) It was cute, I liked it. We found this pile of rocks that we sat in, while watching surfers, the different colors in the sky and having nice conversation. We stayed for the sunset and then the stars are really dominant down there so we looked at them for a while but it was SO cold, so then we left.

It was a good day =)

"sleep like a infant...not like a sperm"

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was a busy day full of many positives and negatives.

It started out with a shower and saw that my mom bought this new deep conditioner which made feel really good after wards! (+)
Then I got ready and headed over to Briannas house (+)
Took some pictures, trying to be creative, I felt accomplished (+)
Brianna was late for class (-)
Sat in the library and didn't accomplish what I wanted to do because I was reading about useless information (-)
The sky was beautiful (+)
We were planned on doing a photoshoot but my camera died (-)
Went to the mall, looking for Brianna lost wallet. Didn't find it. (-)
Went to lunch, laughed a usual (+)
Went to Starbucks to visit Kevin & Chris at work. (+)
We both felt a little insecure about a comment a lady gave us (-)
Wasn't any tables in starbucks, so we sat in western bagel, then got kicked out, kind of (+/-)
Brianna checked her facebook on her phone and realized someone messaged her about her lost wallet (+)
Was listening to 98.7 and heard that there was a 15-car accident on the freeway (-)
Realized now I wasn't going to have enough time to get to school (-)
Sat in 2 hours of traffic, was late to my math test, and was stressed (-)
Music wasn't even enjoyable, found myself biting my nails (-)
My teacher still let me take my test (+)
Came home to 1,001 fan on my photography fan page (+)
Really tired but finished part of my counseling project (+/-)
Made fun plans for tomorrow! (+)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today was a good day, honestly because of the weather. It's that crisp cool weather, that then sun is still out. So you get to wear all your cute winter clothes; boots and scarves...yet still have the happiness of the sun. Oh fall, you are amazing <3

I am a person whose mood is truly affected by the weather.

I hung out with Kevin after class today.

This is Kevin;

he's my boyfriend, who weirdly shares a lot in common with me. it's almost strange. I was driving to school today thinking about how much we are alike, yet in different ways. We think about the same things, same subjects but in different ways. It's cool tho, because when we share each others thoughts we can learn from each other and get different perspectives on life.

Then we hang out, and he tells me that exact same thing.

It's such a cool thing, that I've never experienced before in a person. It's like a subconscious connection, maybe? whatever it is, I really enjoy it.

I wish I could explain, more.

He's a interesting guy and he suits me well. Very well. I'm happy I get a opportunity to get to know him.


Today was a day filled with creative thoughts, imagination, good music and amazing weather. Catch a glimpse of it HERE (click)

I honestly feel blessed and that I live a beautiful life. All I do is spend it with people I love, doing the things I love. I have so many great friends, each there own unique and beautiful person.

Brianna and I were talking today and we were saying how we do what we FEEL, at that moment, if we want to go lay out on a patch of grass, in the sun while making jokes then were going to do it for hours on end until we have something better to do or better to feel. To most people, that is probably a waste, but we love it so much because that is what our soul mind and body wants to be doing. I feel as most people don't live there lives to what they WANT to do, they just do what they think they should do..or what society accepts. I appreciate the people I spend my time with because I am always wanting to explore and appreciate nature and so do they and we do it together. I also appreciate people who do what they want

To each there own life, I am happy I l o v e mine.


Lovely and super eventful you can see with all the photos. This morning I went to Rocky Peak church with Bailey before our photoshoot! The sermon was on dysfunctional relationships, interesting but I honestly didn't get much out of it. I am always hoping around to different church, I would say my favorite one is Shepard of the far.

Then did a photoshoot, Brianna came with me and did Baileys hair & makeup. SUPER happy with these! I didn't imagine anything like these.

After the shoot:

Later Brianna & I went to the pumpkin patch and took some rediculous photos...then later later hung out with Kevin when we got back from San Diego

Oh yeah, and his princess bed :) "hit me up, babe, please please, the cHops are after me hit me up, baby dear i luh you hit me up please"

"cookies for breakfast....cookies for lunch....cookies for dinner....
oh class, I bought a special treat for you, COOKIES!!!"

tonight was full of laughter my favorite.