Monday, June 29, 2015

The Grand Canyon

Onward we went for miles on a journey that we were only half way prepared for - fore our minds knew the destination but our hearts could never begin to comprehend or mildly guess the moments to come. 
From the scapes on the horizon which changed by minute through each big city and small town we would pass through. Mountains and green, rivers and lakes, deserts and sand filled floors. 
Discussion began and never did stop, and even through the moments of silence there was always music that echoed the small cavern of space where we resided and took us along the highway and whispered a new language in our ears of phases, changes and brought new understandings  from which the other had once known. 
"What are you thinking, now?" was the most common word formation that left either of our mouths. 
We gave up on air conditioning quickly as the air outside grew feverously hot for not even the breeze through the window would cease to help our perspiring faces. 
Coffee  breaks were often, and long. Donuts and sweet drinks were had in the light of the moment. Laughter was exchanged quite often which shockingly exceeded my cheap expectations. 
Sunsets were always seen but not a sunrise was ever sought.  Resourcefulness was a renewed skill and inspiration was birthed in a new way as one spoke and another heard.  
Each morning was unwelcomed by a ferocious heat that seeped through the tent and into our skin that woke our tired bodies as we scavenged for the coldest water bottle in the melting ice chest- fore we learned that hydration was the simplest of wisdom, as was sunscreen. 
Each day had it's specific character from short drives, long walks and nature picking to unique bus rides, short films, and mountain top lunches. 
Each night was chilly and teamwork was a must, fore campfires and fire made dinners were a necessary and  simple labor of the hand. 

God was there, and ever so close.
Every prayer was delicately answered 
and each need was beautifully met.