Friday, December 31, 2010


I am Jessica Tenekegian. I have a passion for love and a love for passion. I am a early bird, a learner, a explorer and a optimist. I laugh till I cry most everday. I dig into hearts, thrift stores and indie music. My glass is half full. I am a photographer with intentions of captivating beauty, and leaving people inspired. I am a free soul. I love people so much that I hate being alone. I want to hear your stories, I want to learn from you, learn from the world, and take it with me so I can learn from myself. My weaknesses are taylor swift, patience, and chocolate. My strengths are looking for the good in every soul and finding love within everything I do.

I started this blog a year ago recording every day of 2010. This has been the best year yet.

If you kept up with me, I hope you have taken something out of it.

"let's go to sleep with clearer heads & hearts to big to fit our beds"

goodnight 2010 and goodmorning 2011; I'm curious how you will mold me.


Went down to China town & Olvera street as well as other random parts of LA with my ladies. Mostly sat down and baked in the sun tho ;) Everyday for the past couple of weeks have been so adventurous. I haven't been home more then to sleep & shower.

"I've lost my taste for modern things. They're not for me.
I want mundane: a quiet place, where time is free,
And I can sing ...

I almost feel I'm so far from the "things of the world". I heard the song "good morning, hypocryte" by Electric President in a friends car. It's good.

My ladies.

Healthy food is all that satisfys my lately, besides chocolate

Andes Cosmos

I made new friends, Pier and Gabriella from Brazil. We were walking around near Union Station and these kids asked us to take a picture of them. So we did, then we started talking to them. They are on a school trip to advance in English, and in there free time they can go do whatever they want as long as they stay with friends.


"Are you waiting for someone?"
"Then go find a bench."

Later came home, tired as ever so Bri and I decided to watch netflix in the other room on the computer. So we did, but there was no curtains. We were so determined to fill every space with a book or bag. We were SO determined and it didn't work. We just ended up taping a sheet to the wall. Common sense passes us by sometimes, or most of the time. We just ended up falling asleep during the movie anyway.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


got my hair done, felt healthy, and drank a whole lot of tea today

3 hour hike up through the chatsworth mountains with these lovely ladies. I'm in love with the earth.


these days are so inspirational, it's almost artificial. not really, but I'm so at peace. just hanging with my friends all day and all night, finding fun things to do and doing them.

I can't remember what I did today exactly but later I went to a party and then left real fast

tonight was interesting, very unexpected but I loved it

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I went to the denist, and I was sitting in the waiting room reading Guinness World Records 2011 and I realized how our culture is represented by cars, tv and video games. Sometimes authors, barely. Then we these same students who form out culture to practice safe sex but we ban The Great Gatsby from the schools because of sexual references? Which are probably more honest then the video games they play because the kids are visualizing it first hand. Uneven. We've become a society that doesn't know how to raise our own kind.

One thing that WAS worth knowing about was the "most recycled dog". He would basically pick up trash that was worth recycling and hand it to his own. Adorable.

flightless bird, american mouth- Iron & Wine
mushaboom- Fiest
I summon you- Spoon

sky scrapers, tall trees, 88.9, organic coffee, marc jacobs; daisy

& today I realized I want a old, small car, in navy, white or black and decorate the interior with floral car seats and have beads handing in the mirror and cute stickers everywhere


dark chocolate, moving out- moving in, nature vs manmade battle in my head

I don't like how america trains our free human beings to be slaves to the country. act, dress, and feel a different way.

today I saw a bunch of my high school friends, more like ALL of them. even the people I never got close too, everyone was home from college...really it was like a reunion, a odd one.

"I'm known as the ladybug lady of the valley"


"Lonely Incline"

more info & photos coming ***


Christmas with ALL the family was really nice, I learned a lot and I love being with them.

Fun night in Pasadena with Bri.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Woke up, went over to Megans, we went for a hike. another adventure.. We felt we were Indians and discovering the territories. We climbed really high, layed in the sun, and didn't care about a thing.

These days are becoming something so much different then before.

I wish I could explain.


Olvera street, union station, Melissa, disposable cameras, etc.

Later: Megan & Brianna
foggy nights
freeway sign hallucinations
be okay- ingrid michaelson
donuts are human dog treats
& donut shops at 2 am are playgrounds
we used to vacation- cold war kids
pretending the bushes were a jungle
winnie the pooh
shopping center mazes
fakeout drivethrus
living room- tegan & sara
trying to find a address


‎"Lucky Aged" is a story of one of the best days of our young lives and inspiration for a new 2011 blog full of adventures of exploring all of LA, fashion, and photoshoots.

Best couple hours of my life which took place in the mud, in the rain, fueled by a dead camera battery.

Today was like a dream, a miracle, a trance.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I realized that I want to keep pushing myself with photography and keep working at it to reach my goals. I feel if I take photography serious and start putting myself out there, I can get somewhere with this. I'm not going to sit back and watch maybe a future pass me by.

Today I did a photoshoot with Christine & Brianna and a cemetary in Granada Hills. It was super cool because there is a chapel here and it was unlocked so we had ourselves a little adventure. It was fun, and I'm happy with these shots.