Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm sitting in the SMC library, early for class and I realized that lately I have been so bad at keeping up on these blog posts. So when I come back to write on them, I forget about the day and each significance it has. If you ever wonder why I write these, it's because I want to remember my days because I always really like them. It's my journal, but I keep it in a blog because of the ridiculous amound of photos I've been taking. Which reminds me that I miss taking pictures, and I want to start doing more photoshoots. A good idea though, not like anything I have done before...I guess that is why I haven't taken any photos lately.

Today I went to school, and it was less than average I suppose. I'll tell you the way I was feeling I come into my english class and the two girls I sit with (both about my is exchange student from sweden and the other is a girl from malibu high) and they have been becoming really good friends lately and hanging out on the weekends so now they are a little closer then I am with them. They are still the sweetest girls and realy geniune people but I realized that is just how it goes and I can't really relate on the close-ness level. It doesn't bother me, just something I noticed.
Geography class, I'm slowly starting to become friends with the girl that sits across from me, she has a really unique look that I find really pretty but most people probably wouldn't. She talks loud, and sometimes our conversation is dull but I still like her.
Psychology class, ugh, I don't like it very much. Two rows over, in the front sits a guy with flames going up his arm, tattoo'd, I really don't like it but that is not why I don't enjoy the class haha. All my psychology teacher does is talk about sex, with intelligence but still. I really annoying, but I picked the wrong teacher I guess. I only know that this is sucky course, because I had a really great psychology class in highchool. And everyone really keeps to them selves in this class, which I don't enjoy. I guess there is no one I'm really interested in being friend with, either so it's okay.

After I went to Jennas. I always laugh when I'm with her, I enjoy that.

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