Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Þorleifur Sigurlásson

Shot in The Westmann Islands, Iceland







Saturday, August 16, 2014

Water // Vatten

it's something
that can make you feel
absolutely free
and completely weak
all at once
it's something
that slips through your fingers
and can be contained
it's not a solid
if you breathe it in
it could suffocate you
but if you sip it slowly
it will nourish
every living cell
submerge, soak, sink
it will carry you
to the deep unknown
it can both kill you
and make you feel alive
we go only as far
as there is water



August 16th 2014

3 days ago I found that just across the street were endless fields of blueberries and since then I tell myself the night before "I will wake up an hour before breakfast and go blueberry picking" but each morning brings a heavy tiredness that keeps me in bed longer than I would like. Each moment of each day I am fully aware of endless blueberry fields because 1. I love blueberries 2. they were free 3. I've never done that before 4. mother nature 5. wow amazing 6. healthy 7. I could go on forever

It was pouring rain and finally my soul decided that this was the time to go blueberry picking, I picked up a plastic bag and told a few people where I was headed. Tinna decided in her mind that she would go with me. We friendly disagreed on what device we should use to carry the blueberries in and she carried two empty peanut butter jars on the way out. Walking towards the fields I realized she had made the correct decision and we said we would each fill up a jar.

In the rain we picked till our fingers were so cold that they were red and numb and gratitude filled my heart when that she came with me, in the most ridiculous and uncomfortable situation just to spend time with me. I learned about her childhood and all the different times she picked blueberries in her life. I'm so blessed by her, our friendship is unique.

Cheers to the first time picking free blueberries. In the pouring rain. In Iceland.


Friday, August 15, 2014

u n e a s e

I write this through anxious fingers connecting to a beating heart and a almost-too-thoughtful brain thinking of everything I could be doing, my long list of things to do, the moment I am living in contrasting with the conflicting moment of the future.
You know when life has planned something really fun for you?
and you're supposed to say yes to the situation but you don't?
something in your soul feels that you should stay back,
 something tells you to rest,
something tells you not to be involved,
your mind is saying,
"why would I miss out on an opportunity like this?"
but your body is saying,
"please let me lay here, let's be alone, me and my mind"
 your soul needs to be alone?
well, that is me in this moment.

I'm an macro extrovert
but a micro introvert
I need to rest
I need to listen to this newly found amazing voice
listen to what it is saying
rest in the fact that God is speaking so clearly
life shouldn't be cloudy
life should not be cloudy