Thursday, March 24, 2011


went to work, which was interesting. This lady came in, who didn't speak english and struggled to ask questions, at first and just as my [cooler] manager realized that she didn't speak english, she started conversing in spanish. the lady was SO excited to beable to have a full conversation about what she wanted to know. it was awesome to see this happen, and I realized that I appriciate language. I wish I took spanish class more seriously in highschool. OH well, I had a really great time in spanish, reguardless.

went to my other job to try and change my avialability and pick up my check. I was 17 minutes early, before the time I could actually recieve my check and they wouldn't let me get it. So lame -_- I'll go tomorrow

then went to my first of nine "sustainable crews" meetings, which is a voluntary (but for extra credit) program for SMC students. We learn about and get involved with the enviornment and it's supposed to me a self-experience about getting in touch with about about your carbon footprint.

after, I had a really healthy meal before sociology class, which wasn't that interesting today

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