Saturday, March 19, 2011


today was a new experience, a different one. a innocent one.

it was so, so awesome.

I love the times I can get out, with a new soul and experience and adventure the earth. just getting to know someone, and them getting to know me. I feel I do it, but never significantly. Only sometimes.

I liked today, and it was st. patricks days. Usually I never like this holiday because I feel we have to wear green or we get pinched. I never understood, so I was bitter towards it haha...but this year every thing was so peaceful and accurate. March 17 2011 is not the normal leprechaun day, I usually experience

Then later, I went to a party with my girl friends and experienced the coolest little indie-moustache DJ. One of his mixes that really stood out to me was some rap song to one of The XX's background tunes. It was crazy

I feel really happy about this day

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