Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Lovely and super eventful day...as you can see with all the photos. This morning I went to Rocky Peak church with Bailey before our photoshoot! The sermon was on dysfunctional relationships, interesting but I honestly didn't get much out of it. I am always hoping around to different church, I would say my favorite one is Shepard of the Hills...so far.

Then did a photoshoot, Brianna came with me and did Baileys hair & makeup. SUPER happy with these! I didn't imagine anything like these.

After the shoot:

Later Brianna & I went to the pumpkin patch and took some rediculous photos...then later later hung out with Kevin when we got back from San Diego

Oh yeah, and Sean...in his princess bed :) "hit me up, babe, please please, the cHops are after me hit me up, baby dear i luh you hit me up please"

"cookies for breakfast....cookies for lunch....cookies for dinner....
oh class, I bought a special treat for you, COOKIES!!!"

tonight was full of laughter my favorite.

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