Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hung out with Christine and her sister Jen all day. It seemed like we cooked all day! So went we first got to her place made breakfast which was almost a disaster but turned out pretty good. Then went to salvation army where I got a pair of new oxfords and high waisted shorts (well they were ugly jeans so I cut then into shorts) for like 6 bucks, I've never felt so lucky. I think I'm going to make a blog of all my great 2010 thrift store finds soon. SO then we came home and made rice krispies, then later made dinner. We were house wives hahah ;)

Then went to a Halloween party where I didn't take a single picture, not even on my phone! a little depressing because I really liked my outfit. I was a indian. Tonight was full of many many emotions. Happy, sad, excited, worried, loved, unloved, in love, amazing, surprised, mad, annoyed, trusted, untrusted, complete. Kind of a weird night, but in the was great :)

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