Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was a busy day full of many positives and negatives.

It started out with a shower and saw that my mom bought this new deep conditioner which made feel really good after wards! (+)
Then I got ready and headed over to Briannas house (+)
Took some pictures, trying to be creative, I felt accomplished (+)
Brianna was late for class (-)
Sat in the library and didn't accomplish what I wanted to do because I was reading about useless information (-)
The sky was beautiful (+)
We were planned on doing a photoshoot but my camera died (-)
Went to the mall, looking for Brianna lost wallet. Didn't find it. (-)
Went to lunch, laughed a usual (+)
Went to Starbucks to visit Kevin & Chris at work. (+)
We both felt a little insecure about a comment a lady gave us (-)
Wasn't any tables in starbucks, so we sat in western bagel, then got kicked out, kind of (+/-)
Brianna checked her facebook on her phone and realized someone messaged her about her lost wallet (+)
Was listening to 98.7 and heard that there was a 15-car accident on the freeway (-)
Realized now I wasn't going to have enough time to get to school (-)
Sat in 2 hours of traffic, was late to my math test, and was stressed (-)
Music wasn't even enjoyable, found myself biting my nails (-)
My teacher still let me take my test (+)
Came home to 1,001 fan on my photography fan page (+)
Really tired but finished part of my counseling project (+/-)
Made fun plans for tomorrow! (+)

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