Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today was a day filled with creative thoughts, imagination, good music and amazing weather. Catch a glimpse of it HERE (click)

I honestly feel blessed and that I live a beautiful life. All I do is spend it with people I love, doing the things I love. I have so many great friends, each there own unique and beautiful person.

Brianna and I were talking today and we were saying how we do what we FEEL, at that moment, if we want to go lay out on a patch of grass, in the sun while making jokes then were going to do it for hours on end until we have something better to do or better to feel. To most people, that is probably a waste, but we love it so much because that is what our soul mind and body wants to be doing. I feel as most people don't live there lives to what they WANT to do, they just do what they think they should do..or what society accepts. I appreciate the people I spend my time with because I am always wanting to explore and appreciate nature and so do they and we do it together. I also appreciate people who do what they want

To each there own life, I am happy I l o v e mine.

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