Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today was a good day, honestly because of the weather. It's that crisp cool weather, that then sun is still out. So you get to wear all your cute winter clothes; boots and scarves...yet still have the happiness of the sun. Oh fall, you are amazing <3

I am a person whose mood is truly affected by the weather.

I hung out with Kevin after class today.

This is Kevin;

he's my boyfriend, who weirdly shares a lot in common with me. it's almost strange. I was driving to school today thinking about how much we are alike, yet in different ways. We think about the same things, same subjects but in different ways. It's cool tho, because when we share each others thoughts we can learn from each other and get different perspectives on life.

Then we hang out, and he tells me that exact same thing.

It's such a cool thing, that I've never experienced before in a person. It's like a subconscious connection, maybe? whatever it is, I really enjoy it.

I wish I could explain, more.

He's a interesting guy and he suits me well. Very well. I'm happy I get a opportunity to get to know him.

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