Sunday, September 12, 2010



I like you, you're pretty fun but I don't really like you around 5 pm when I have to drive back home in around a hour of traffic. It sucks.

but why does it suck? all traffic is, is spending time with people around you. barely moving. staying completely to yourself. listening to music. BY YOURSELF.

that's why it sucks, it's because you're stuck all by yourself. no one is meant to be by themselves.

imagine if traffic was like a gathering, you're pretty much around everyone who probably is on a schedule who gets off work or school at the same time and when you're sitting in traffic those people probably do that everyday too. but, you never see the same person again, or at least I haven't.

I wish I could meet these people who surround me every tuesday and thursday. I will, someday when I'm in completely stopped traffic- I will talk to someone. it will be such a cool experience.

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