Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Bon Iver, I can't get over you. I have never listened to a band like you. Your music, lyrics, and over all vibe is amazing. I find you to be so honest and beautiful.

I am so intrugied by them. I don't know where Justin Vernon came up with these genius and beautiful lyrics...but he did and they are amazing. Every interview I read with Justin Vernon I just fall in love. What he has to say is so interesting. He puts such a weird twist to his answers.

I am in love with them.

As of right now, I am sitting the in the SMC library studying dreams while listening to RE:stacks- Bon Iver. His music puts me into a trance. I always am so curious WHY he puts these lyrics together so well.

" The chorus is very repetitive, but there are different lyrics every line. It's just a billion ways to say that things build up and it's impossible to break them down sometimes. You're just underneath it all. " -JV

Ever since this day (in the video) I constantly find myself always researching him, and his songs. I have never been so curious about anything or anyone before. Finding out all sorts of things. This was defnitely the most beautiful day...and so different. I feel it changed me in a more deap and creative way.

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