Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Finally the day has come! Today was so fun, I went over to Briannas house after I woke up, we chilled and shopped for new outfits before the concert. Then we took a little road trip down to Anaheim while we blasted Tegan&Sara and Paramore. When we got there, we were so pumped...laughing about everything and running down the halls and having the lady in the elevator take our picture HAHA...that didn't work out. The concert was SO fun, it was kind of a bummer because we were high up in our seats...but after the 2nd band played we sat in empty seats a got a little closer.

Tegan and Sara played and Bri and I sung to every song, it was soo fun. They are like our band, we listened to them all senior year and in the beginning of summer like EVERYDAY...so seeing them was really cool.

Then Paramore came on, and it was so incredible. I was soo intrigued by everything going on, the screens in the back ,the light bulbs swinging back and forth and the way Hayley Williams dances is so cute! It makes me want to be a cute little rocker chick and dance to Paramore.

Even tho I wish we were closer, over all it was really worth it.

"ooh guy in the red shirt and cone in his pocket...HOTTIE"
*dumps change out* "hmm...interesting"

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