Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hung out with Kevin :)

Later I came home and painted. A week ago Bekka & I hung out at the park and I was telling her about the new & exciting people in my life...she got really inspired and wrote a poem on what I was describing which is super I fed off of her inspiration which in the beginning was my inspiration she was feeding off of ....does that make any sense? and I created this piece of art. I am not sure I am finish tho

here is the poem:

You looked at me
and I saw a tree
growing out of your open shirt
from the middle of your heart;
pulsing with every breath you took,
the tree's branches shook.

You bent to kiss me
and I saw a river flowing out of your soul
and pouring into my empty, dry hole;
splashing as it filled up my desert,
making an oasis of my heart.

You were talking to me
and I saw lightning
stretch from your cerebral cortex to my medulla.
Crackling, static, electric.
My brain is in love with your
bold, beautiful, free brain.

Brain love
is the best love.

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