Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summer 2010, you have been incredibly AMAZING. I loved you soo much, you have taught me so much and you have helped me grow. You have let me face many of my fears, and you have helped me fall in love with everyone and everything. You gave me a amazing job that I loved and I will miss entirely. You have made me a deeper person and you have made my brain go crazy with all of these great thoughts. You have given me inspiration. You have pursued my passions. You have given me plenty of good laughs. You have had something planned something for me everyday, and there was never one dull moment. You have revealed feelings and emotions I have never felt before and you have let me meet the most amazing people! You have brought people into my life that are life changing and you have made all my friendships stronger.

I finally felt free & I loved it.

Really great ending to the most amazing summer of my life. Actually, the best I've ever had in my life was this summer. mmhm. College tomorrow with photography as my first class! sounds too amazing <3

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