Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I met Charles, Charles is a big black man with a BMW that we wanted to wash so it looked nice as he traveled to Vegas for the weekend. Charles is a really nice man as well, he came into the car wash as I was sitting down watching my car move on the washing machine thing- which I am always really intrigued by...well he just came in and sat down right near me and started a conversation. It was a really good conversation about lie, jobs, traveling, school and relationships. Charles made my day and gave me a different outlook on life on how you really should love everyone- I want to be like him. I was to sit next to people who are alone, you can really learn SO much from people.

As Bekka would say, it makes you step out of your comfort zone and it is good practise for the future & almost most of the time a good experience comes from it.

After that I met up with Kevin for coffee before I had to go to work. Today was also my last day of my summer camp job, which I am really sad by...I LOVED this summer job- best summer camp I was ever at. I hope I get the opportunity to go back.

After work I went to a party with my girls, soo much fun <3

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