Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I pulled out my old Avril Lavigne CDs and listened to them on the way to school with the volume all the way up and the windows down. I loved it, I felt all the songs were super relatable to my life. Sometimes I am a sucker for all that pop-ish music just because it's super catchy.

I've discovered that I am a super out going person when it comes to meeting new people. I just talk to everyone, and it's always super comfortable and never awkward. I just can not stand being reserved and to myself. I think about it as everyone is in the same boat as me. Everytime I end a conversation with someone they are always telling me how happy they are I talked to them and if it wasn't for me they wouldn't have made a friend that day. &&& actually one girl came up to me, which was incredibly cool because I am re-reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan (which is a christian book) and she said that she saw me from a distance with that book and she had read it before and came over to talk to me and to find out if I was a christian...I love that! She invited me to this Christian Club thing tuesdays and thursday. Heck, made me day.

Sat in the most unbearable traffic, I hated it.

Came home to try and mess with my schedule a bit and screwed up...gotta fix that tomorrow hopefully.

Tomorrow will be home LONG and hectic day but today was actually really nice.

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