Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17th 2013

47 days till I leave for Sweden! wow time is going so fast, it is crazy. There are so many things I want to do in LA within these 47 days! like hang out in Malibu at least 3 more times, go to Salvation Mountain, the MOCA, grand central market, Alfred Coffee shop, etc, etc, etc.

I decided I'm going to start yelping. The past two months I've been a yelp fanatic, searching like crazy all of the coffee shops around town and trying each from of them out. Even more recently it's been with vegan food and craft beer (not that I'm vegan, I'm just obsessed with the life style). So...I think I'm going to documenting all my food, beer and coffee adventures around the world.
Food in general, though. My mind has always revolved around food- whether it was for the good or the bad- whatever the case, I'm into it! Whether it's being a food photographer, food journalist,  a food blogger or maybe one day down the road opening a restaurant

Ugh so much to do on this earth!
I also am going to get back into my running/ working out routine with 30 minutes AT LEAST a day. (I feel silly writing this on my blog...but it's a good outlet to reaffirm myself).

Tomorrows goals:
work out, go to the bank, apply for a Swedish Visa, make some vegan recipe with cauliflower, tan (sorry to all the other earthlings not living in SoCal) and go to work.

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