Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feb 13th 2014

Last night Jayden was wildly running around the pool while mother watered the lawn. Instead of helping my mom stop her from running, I decided to smile and photograph it. I swear she is going to be a daring creature as she gets older. I get excited everyday knowing she is getting bigger and growing older. My sister is the most beautiful human I've ever met. She hates when my door is closed, she'll knock for 10 minutes straight screaming "TEE TEE!!!!!!" (" sister"in 2 year old language) until I open the door so she can pick up a drawing pad a scribble carelessly for 30 minutes. She loves when I play music...whenever a song transitions into the next song she'll stop drawing and look at me like "where did the music go?". She loves helping me clean my room, even though it's not helping in my eyes- but it is in hers. She loves sitting on my lap while I go on the computer, naming all the people she knows through photos and recognizing the colors that are on the screen. Whenever I start to get bothered because I am busy doing something on my phone or computer , and she is rummaging through my stuff is when I realize that this is when I should be spending time with her- observing her, teaching her and loving on her.   I get sad when I work night shifts and I can't be at home to spend the night with her. I get tears in my eyes when I think that I'll be leaving her for 4 months when I go away to Sweden. She is so unique, I love her.

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