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March 6 2013

I haven't posted in a while, but I'm back from Seattle and Portland. I feel happy that I finally went to these places that I've been dying to go to. It's so interesting day dreaming of a place for months and then finally embracing it. This trip was good for me- got me thinking about outside things like how different cultures are the way they are by surrounding elements like, example, the weather. Like maybe Los Angeles is super showy and all is because our weather allows us to show a little more skin, and maybe seattle and portland give off much more grungy of a feel because by their surroundings they are forced to layer up with beanies and jean jackets. At the same time this trip kept me incredibly in the moment. Rain does that to me. It was memorable from the time I got there, like visiting a local cafe at 2 am for a awesome meal with crayon drawing covering each inch of the walls-- to the time I left hearing Noah Gundersen on the radio (my favorite Seattle musician) as I was heading the airport. I loved all of the vintage and antique shops, quirky street style, the picturesque streets and store signs, and the little city feel. We ate a lot of good food, traveled a lot of great places and had A LOT of laughs.

Yes the rumors are true, Portland is weird and Seattle is rainy...very very rainy. I seriously do love Los Angeles the more and more I travel, but I am definitely going to miss the radio stations in the northwest.  One month till I am in Sweden for 4 more. My feelings are all over the place with how I feel about it.

Beths Cafe...go here if you're ever in Seattle!

so many insane antique shops!

"this apple is almost is as sweet as your smile"

Earl Grey was out of this world

I fell in love with Thai food in Seattle. Had Jai Thai in Fremont where we took off our shoes and sat on mats!

Rosewater + Ginger latte 

Entering Portland 

Hand washing after orange eating

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