Saturday, May 11, 2013

1: Bekka Gunther

Me: "just be filled with peace"
Bekka: "let me see if I can do that"

every time I go through some kind of inner battle, I run to Bekka. If there is one person who can stand me back up on my feet and get me out of my discouraged mind set and pump me up to do something, it's Bekka. If there is one person who can understand my soul, speak my language completely and heal's Bekka. I am an incredibly deep  person and she is the only (well, there has been one other...but I don't know where they are right now) person who can get on my level. I feel like when were together my words become alive and I can finally talk, feel, grasp, and  breathe again.

Something in me figured she was the perfect person to start with and that something was right as I watched the day unfold. Through the long canyon drives, honest songs, velvet winds, warm sun rays and chilled still waters, laughs, talks,  flowing words, screaming till there was no more air in our fragile lungs, blind poetry, stories of travel, 30 second drawings, predicted thoughts, and future ended being exactly what I needed.

Anyway, I don't know where I am going with this series really.....but what I do know is that were all just a little quick to judge, and forget that these HUMANS have eyes, stories, souls, lungs to breathe with, arms to hug with and hearts to love with. We forget that they are a person by the trials they go trough, mistakes they make and we make ourselves feel better by pity and self gratifying gossip that we feel entitled too and we simply forget what it feels like to be S O M E O N E.

But if I'm going anywhere with it, then it would photograph a myriad of different humans asking them questions (like I do best) and seeing life through their eyes that hopefully will inspire me, grow me, culture me, and let me learn to love life through someone else's perspective. I think we all need to understand our race better..the human race.

Myself included.

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