Saturday, May 11, 2013

new series: I know how it feels to be someone

if you wanted me to sit down and write out what my brain has been thinking for a while, it may look like the image on the left. Scattered. It is full of these powerful thoughts and ideas, but they are so fragmented and tattered that putting them into a sentence wouldn't be possible. 
I've wrote, and rewrote what I've wanted to say about this series and it brings me to the image on the right.
Something I didn't write, actually, but something that just caught my eye to which I admired and felt the need to photograph.
...this could explain a lot of my life ((Impulsive photographs))
Maybe I'm slowly figuring it out as I type this last draft.

Anyway, I was driven crazy by my thoughts last night, as per usual, trying to come up with ideas that were simply just not there... I thought maybe I should take a step back... or maybe I should take two steps closer?

I liked the idea of being close.

I think were all too distant. 

I think were all a little too quick to judge.

Sometimes...just sometimes I think we forget what it feels like to be "someone" 

So...this brings me to my next venture and  I still don't really even know what that is

words for inspiration: passion, scream, harmony, youth, excavate

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