Tuesday, May 21, 2013

i wanna shout!

shout shouts of joy
shout shouts for hard working mindset
should shouts for the moments of inspiration that just keep creeping on me

whistle that tune
boy, "what's the name of it?"
"powerful man" he says

goodnight thoughts that drive me
thoughts that I never tell the loud universe
maybe under the sheer sheets that lines me
that lines me but is transparent
come a little closer, I say
no one ever does
Dear Lord I pray for the persons[s]  that do
Dear Lord I pray for so much!
I just want to shout to you all that is on my heart
my mind, my job, my school, my friends, e v e ry t h i n g
but it's way too much,
I promise I'll try
everything, with everything I will give you my all!
come a little closer

"please another...I'm inspired. just play so I can be in the moment..."
"now what is that one I ask?"
"I don't know if I've ever come up a name for that one"
"do you wanna name it for do you not wanna name"
"untitled one"
*plays the charlie brown introduction

but really,
I'm going to get real with myself because I can only get real with a select few depending upon the nature of that spirit
but really, for real...God has been answering A  L L my prayers

everything has been up and down
down and up
corner to corner
zig zagging around in my effortless heart that I strongly want to put effort into
circle around my brain
and spiral around my veins

*inmythoughts*"W o r k H a r d Je s s i c a, you're really bad at it" I tell myself
just do it
will you ever do it?
follow your dreams, why would you ever not want to

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