Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"oh me too!"

the typical phrase that a girl says to a guy when she is interested in him
or a human to another human to gain someones approval
or status, reputation, white lies
the many possibilities the phrase "oh me too!" can have are endless

but for me, I feel like I constantly say this, to everyone I know
boys, girls, parents, grandparents
because I really do feel that way... I really do feel like "me too!" a l w a y s
man, I am such a conformist
am I really just like everyone else?
this makes me wonder if I'm even my own original person, or I wonder if this just makes me very versatile and able to blend and a aid to get along and break the ice with other beings
I seem to have this ability to just form into whoever I am around
-I want to be my own-
those words, that phrase, that simple phrase that gets me thinking "am I really JUST like every single soul I meet"

seems like it

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