Saturday, October 9, 2010


Met with a client about her EP album, and what our "vision" was for the album cover. I'm excited to shoot with her :)...Bailey Harrisburger is the new Sara Bareilles. They sound like twins, she is quite talented!

Then hung out with Kevin, it was a long, nice day. I missed him, so much. I wish sometimes I could write down everything I am thinking when I am around keep a memory journal. I always feel like I actually have thoughts that are really interesting and I could put them into a blog...but by the time I come to my blog, I feel all I can say is "I had such a good day with him". It's weird..frustrating, because I want to remember but I am actually content because I come home feeling at peace, like I had a good day.

I feel lucky, and different in a very good and fulfilling way. I tell you, well not really, but let me tell you, good things come out of days like these.

I really want to travel the United States. The most.

Bands I'm going to start listening to more:
Aqualung, Civil Twilight, Jon Foreman, The Decemberists, Sara Bareielles and Bright Eyes. Especially Bright Eyes, I've always known about them but never really LISTENED to them or him...till today and I enjoy it.

New music makes me so happy :)

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