Sunday, October 10, 2010


Partied it up. BIZARRE night, for everyone...I loved it tho. I felt like my night topped everyones in the world. Along with that, Kevin and I accomplished one of the coolest things. Ever. We snuck into pierce, really late, when absolutely no one was there, so he could play piano. Tried ever door of the music building and one door was open, it was definitely meant to be. Sat in a sound proof room, I don't even know how long but it was amazing. I just listened, imagined, and stared at the white holes in the walls. I loved it so much, felt like nothing else mattered, because at that moment NOTHING mattered. It was beautiful.

I live for nights like this.

Tonight was a night of brand new feelings.

Tonight was the first night I didn't think about anything in the past.

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