Saturday, October 9, 2010


Thursdays are my new favorite days, well maybe. My english teacher cancelled all thursday classes so now I get to leave at 2:05 unless I review my essay with my teacher but I'll still get out at 4 instead of 5 :)

Today was a really nice day at school, I probably saw everyone I know today at school, which isn't that common. Hung out with my friend Katie & Evan before class and had some pretty cool conversations about the ballots. It's cool, I'll be able to vote. Went to class and played this game on short terms and long term goals, it was really cool, if only I could explain it...but seriously it made soo much sense and taught me a lot. One simple game, in class with people I barely know, it's crazy.

I loved it, I love learning.

I wish learning was simpler, like I wish I could just learn for no reason...not for college credits or grades, etc. I just went to class, the teacher had amazing lectures. Almost like church, but it would be school. I don't know.....haha.

Went to Jennas after, love that chica.

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