Friday, December 31, 2010


Went down to China town & Olvera street as well as other random parts of LA with my ladies. Mostly sat down and baked in the sun tho ;) Everyday for the past couple of weeks have been so adventurous. I haven't been home more then to sleep & shower.

"I've lost my taste for modern things. They're not for me.
I want mundane: a quiet place, where time is free,
And I can sing ...

I almost feel I'm so far from the "things of the world". I heard the song "good morning, hypocryte" by Electric President in a friends car. It's good.

My ladies.

Healthy food is all that satisfys my lately, besides chocolate

Andes Cosmos

I made new friends, Pier and Gabriella from Brazil. We were walking around near Union Station and these kids asked us to take a picture of them. So we did, then we started talking to them. They are on a school trip to advance in English, and in there free time they can go do whatever they want as long as they stay with friends.


"Are you waiting for someone?"
"Then go find a bench."

Later came home, tired as ever so Bri and I decided to watch netflix in the other room on the computer. So we did, but there was no curtains. We were so determined to fill every space with a book or bag. We were SO determined and it didn't work. We just ended up taping a sheet to the wall. Common sense passes us by sometimes, or most of the time. We just ended up falling asleep during the movie anyway.

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