Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I went to the denist, and I was sitting in the waiting room reading Guinness World Records 2011 and I realized how our culture is represented by cars, tv and video games. Sometimes authors, barely. Then we these same students who form out culture to practice safe sex but we ban The Great Gatsby from the schools because of sexual references? Which are probably more honest then the video games they play because the kids are visualizing it first hand. Uneven. We've become a society that doesn't know how to raise our own kind.

One thing that WAS worth knowing about was the "most recycled dog". He would basically pick up trash that was worth recycling and hand it to his own. Adorable.

flightless bird, american mouth- Iron & Wine
mushaboom- Fiest
I summon you- Spoon

sky scrapers, tall trees, 88.9, organic coffee, marc jacobs; daisy

& today I realized I want a old, small car, in navy, white or black and decorate the interior with floral car seats and have beads handing in the mirror and cute stickers everywhere

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