Monday, February 6, 2012

creation > evolution

I first started out my facebook status with

"so if evolution was real, how did a beating heart evolve from growing grass? or what about about a bird from a diamond? or the ability to produce light from human emotions? and if it all evolved from a single cell organism, where did that organism come from???"

this got much much much debate (which is also really weird, why does God cause so much controversy...I think that means he's real) anyway, eventually it ended with facts and science and arguing and sarcasm. People started getting off topic

I went on to say "parts of evolution are definitely real hello, survival of the fittest. not disagreeing but I don't think it all evolved from a single cell. maybe I should rephrase evolution meaning creation is not real....i'm really just asking where did that organism come from, ya'll. one of the reasons I believe in God so much is because this world is AMAZING. things grow, the sun rises and sets, not one of our thumb prints is the same, and on the topic of food: there are SO many different kinds...and so on and so on and so on."

BASICALLY, it's just too amazing to me that my baby sister Jayden was created because goop was on this earth...that people don't know what created that goop. 9 months spent in the womb, she now is a human who has a beating heart, a brain, all organs and she will function and grow to be an adult one day. I mean we take for granted that we have hearts and brains...but think about how complex those organs are. Pure intelligence to create the brain. and emotions? I can't even explain that because it's not tangible. I don't believe that was an accident from the earth, I really do believe she was created for a purpose just like you and me. I mean everyday we live our lives for a purpose, to get a job, to find love to have children to feel happy, etc...why would there not be a purpose to the big picture? that we are just small little vessels of

I love her

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