Friday, January 20, 2012


I am driven nuts by everyones ridiculous posts on facebook

but one thing that REALLY drives me nuts is how cocky some people are

it's so amazing how hot you think you are
or how big your head is
or how everyone feeds into making your head that big
I want to delete you, you, you, you oh and you.
but I can't because were "friends"


another thing I hate is when I'm with someone and they say "she's not even that pretty" or "no offense but she's ugly" or "she's chubby" OR "she's really fat"

honestly, if she's ugly, and fat then I'm REALLY ugly and really fat. watch what you say, everyone is equal and beautiful and EVERYONE is fighting a battle

anyway, I tried doing that one day blog post thing like I've done in the past with my blogs...but I'm never home. ever.


  1. Your problems about Facebook make up my LIFE STORY right now. I'm so over it! I'm glad I'm not in the boat alone!

  2. When people say that, they are just making a reflection upon how they feel about themselves. And I know how you feel. Models talk about other models like that all the time, and it's such a let down that some people have to tear others down to build themselves up. Such is life.

  3. I don't think that is true honestly in my case because the people I hear it from know they are pretty and skinny so in fact they are just gossiping

    1. Well they might be skinny and beautiful and look "perfect" but on the inside there is some insecurity (may not even be about looks or weight) that causes them to want to tear someone else down, to prove to themselves that yes, they are better because ___________.

      Doesn't mean they're horrible, evil people who do it on purpose lol, we've ALL done it. It's just a matter of turning it around to start building people up, and encouraging them. Once we do that, we end up feeling better about OURSELVES. So weird.