Wednesday, November 16, 2011

do you ever feel like me?

Me, well I'm sort of complex.

but right now I'm sick of the world, actually I'm sick of the youth that surrounds me! I can't have a facebook, I just can't. That website drives me nuts. oh...and tumblr? I HATE IT. I don't even have one, but looking at others disgusts me because it's only what they want to be, not who they are.
then I read what people have to say...and I no longer laugh and make a joke out of it...I go CRAZY! I can't stand it...or how about the "image" they try to create? can people get anymore UN original?
everyone is the same because of "trends". let me tell you, I hate trends. just a bunch of shallow people copying one another. EVERYONE IS SO WORLD-LY.
people say me and my friends are "trendy" but PLEASE, don't be fooled. we stay far away from those brand name stores as we can. I hate brands so much, I go digging in the thrift store.

then we all die...THEN WHAT? I hope you loved your profane, lustful, and shallow little lives.

back to the way I felt in august for me;suffocated
I need to get out, but where do I go?


  1. i feel the same way but sometimes I get sucked into it because of the industry I work in. I hate that part about it. I hate caring about name brands or hair color or weight or whatever. But I have to at the same time, or else I would accomplish nothing. I have to market myself, I have to care about stupid shit. But what you just wrote it me, inside, all the time.

  2. I miss you I love you. You are my best soul friend