Saturday, September 3, 2011

taste testing adventure

today I decided to go for a run. I started out, ran a while and thought to myself "wow I'm in better shape then I was a month ago" because a month ago I could not nearly run as much as I did nor did I want too. I've been going to the gym lately, a lot. well half way into my workout I stumbled upon a lime tree and thought to myself "wow I love limes" so I took one, threw it on the ground and stepped on broke in half and I had some lime juice. running a little longer, I ran pass this weird fruit looking tree so I took on and opened it and it looked like a guava so I ate it...actually I ate two. I kept going and passed many houses that had orange trees in front of I took one from one house, and one from another house. they were so good. with sticky hands, I kept pressing on, but by this time I was definitely not running because it was hot and my mind was not in the mood.

so I figured it was adventure time now
I picked up a newspaper in front of someones house, I meditated on the side of someones lawn, I took a pomegranite from someones tree, and I realized that I love black leaved tree and white flowered bushes

It was nice, I even tried getting water out of a cactus...but it didn't work

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