Friday, August 5, 2011

masonry of modern dealings

sometimes I have these really big impulses to write
Justin Vernon inspires me completely
I don't think I can ever handle a broken heart
the days are feeling longer
I wish I didn't feel so much

last night we pulled an all nighter
yesterday I went to griffith observatory
last night I missed last summer
yesterday I kept myself really active and healthy
last night I dwelled on what I don't have
yesterday I spent with my soul sister
last night I received a good answer, but not one I wanted to hear

this always happens
I need to grow

I miss something I thought was something else but I thought to myself why would God grant me something amazing if I wasn't praising him in the first place? I said I was, and I believed...but I was showing it in my life. Now I am. I never want to drift off. I want to stay strong, forever. I keep yearning for each sunday.

are you scared to death that it's the end? yes

and the symmetry of dreams and feelings, is the imagery of love in the air
it's above the code

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