Friday, June 24, 2011

two yesterdays, yesterday, today

two yesterdays I was feelign photographically, musically, intellectually, spiritually inspired. etc etc etc.

yesterday I was feeling ugly, fat, self conscious, couldn't find a right out fit, unhealthy but also yesterday I went to this party with Christine and every time I turned left or right someone was calling "Jessica!?!?!!, is that you!?!", I turned around about 7 times to find that it was just someone I either photographed, or went to school with, church with, etc.

but also yesterday I hung out with Bekka, and I will make a brand new post for that (I have a lot of posts to catch up on)

2 girls recognized me for my photography, which made me believe in my own self

an hour into the night, I looked amoungst the crowd and see my co-worker Kristen. So incredibly shocked, and I turned around and see my BEST FRIENDS EVER Megan and Brianna through the window

the night...just...kept...getting...better...

except a few hurt feelings from my best friends. I am always here for you.

by the very end of the night, more people kept popping up

can't believe it, still can't believe it

it's 4:20 am, june 25th and I'm still dwelling on this night;

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