Wednesday, June 29, 2011

God, Thank you

I didn't feel comfortable the second time around, especially after those know...that.
Brianna got me scared, but only because I was ahead of therefore I remained scared because I didn't have control. Along with not having control, I am also scared of everything- kind of, but last summer I really faced my fears. (thank you, kjt)

"where the HELL are we Brianna?"
"why are we here and how the HELL do we get out!?"

if we keep walking down, we won't get where we need, we will only get further down in our sin.

"we need to stay on the earth, we need the fresh air and we need the trees"

I remember all of this so vividly. God spoke to my heart and my soul.

have someone help us, they will! she said...but no I'm scared I said. I've been doing things I shouldn't do.

who am I supposed to trust now??? please tell me because this same night we heard our "best friend" confessed things through the window that earlier she lied about. it is sad to lose a friend, but it's also sad to see a friend betray her/us like that. so, how am I going to trust these people, these strangers.

I prayed

it worked
I will trust in You, and I will not be afraid

in the end, they did help and we walked upward, towards safety and towards the heavens. driven with disbelief- literally.

"now lets get back to our friends! the real ones" she said, lastly.

I felt incredibly lost

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