Thursday, June 16, 2011

along the path of seashells

a couple days back, I took meg out for her birthday. I took her to this burger place in Santa Monica called "The Counter". It was amazing. You create your own burger.

I got a veggie burger on a wheat bun, lettuce, onion, grilled peppers, grilled pineapple, and a sauce- that I totally forgot what it was. we ordered sweet potato fries and fried onion things

after we walked down venice, I bought her that brown tie die shirt that's fringed at the ends along with an indian chief ring. I bought myself two other rings as well, one reminds me of the globe. we also happened to pass by a million sea shells. I actually kept one that is big enough to hold some of my jewlery. we saw water erupting from the other side of the rocks. we and walked the board walk. we saw all different kinds of colored garages (but I didn't upload those photos, only the mirror one) and last but not least, we went to a candy store and tried all different kinds of weird

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