Thursday, June 16, 2011

15th and 16th

I picked up two shifts at work today, doing my co worker a favor so she can go to her sons birthday party. Got off around 7 and met up with Brianna and Megan. From there, the night turned into a beautifully unplanned peaceful night

alex, billy, guy, albert, the other jessica, etc.

tonight made me was to see the Gorillaz live

and I met more of Gods children

all lovely people, all hanging out from all different places and backgrounds

as I sit here and it's 5:36am, looking at the sunrise from the second story of Brianna condo...her grandparents are out of town for a week. it's going to be awesome...I realize that tonight was a lucky night.

american tea time>kings cup

(I've met so many people lately)

I still need totell you about how tuesday was!

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