Friday, April 8, 2011

wallz, dreamz

when I was 15, I died to have my room pink. after persuading my parents to paint it bright, and obnoxious pink..they finally cave him. now being 18, feeling how weird it is to remember that age, I have slowly grown out of the pink. the only reason I'm not totally anxious to change it is because all of the things on my walls.

post cards, polaroids, cool magazine cut outs, bible verses from birthday cards, tags from clothing, favorite quotes, coffee shops magnets and stickers, paper cutouts I made into some art, art institute catelog designs, concert posters and tick stubs, pictures, band stickers, photoshoot pictures, tickets, fake tattoos, patches for clothing, old pictures, and some of my photography "publications.

all things that meant something to me that I wanted to paste it to my wall, to see and remember * these photos are distorted colors

artifacts of my life that I hold very dearly, I would sad if I lost them. I wouldn't trade these for anything, other than maybe give them to my husband as a token of my dedication...something like that :P for now, I'M EIGHTEEN and I'm having so much fun :)

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